The client: PANDORA is a jewelry brand that began as a local silversmith shop in Denmark and is now known around the globe for its charms, rings, and other affordable luxuries.

The projects:

  • Product launches
  • Company brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Press releases
  • Corporate social responsibility and ethics reports

Sample Project 1: PANDORA’s first global HR Website

PANDORA had grown at an exponential rate, opening stores and offices around the world, and needed a careers website that would introduce new talent to the unique company culture – and affirm its values to its constantly growing global workforce.

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Sample Project 2: Career Fair Materials

PANDORA needed to develop new materials to attract talent from top business schools. Here are some of the banners we developed for an event at Copenhagen Business School that PANDORA could then easily use and adapt for future company presentations.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.58.05 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.57.49 AM

Sample Project 3: Press Announcement about PANDORA placement in a new music video

PANDORA jewellery plays key supporting role in Marina and The Diamonds’ new hit single, “Blue” 

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.22.06 PMMarina and the Diamonds’ new music video for the hit single “Blue,” from the pop-inspired album Froot (2015), serves up a visual feast of bright, colourful imagery – and prominently features a variety of PANDORA jewellery in a mesmerising fortune-telling vignette. Froot is Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Lambrini Diamandis’ third top-ten album in the United Kingdom and her first top-ten entry on the U.S. Billboard 200.

In a scene where she plays a sultry fortune-teller, Marina sits in a dark, luxurious room behind a table with a crystal ball, tarot cards, and a PANDORA jewellery box spilling over with Murano charms. Marina – herself wearing a stunning array of silver PANDORA bracelets and rings – pours the beads into a man’s hands. As she sings “But I just keep coming back to you,” the lens zooms in on the Murano charms – her tools for telling the future.

“We wanted to make this video a fun sensory experience, with lots of colour and texture. PANDORA’s jewellery created a perfect complement to the mood we imagined: beautiful, luxurious, decadent and ultra-feminine,” says Marina. “There is something magical about the Murano beads – their depth and unique colours – and they fit right into the fortune-telling narrative.”

The music video was directed by Charlotte Rutherford. Watch it here.