Design Museum Magazine/MASARY Studios

Design Museum Magazine | September 2018 Issue

Awakening Cities: Transforming the Built Environment with Sound & Light


Once known simply as “The Wall,” the Green Monster is Fenway Park’s legendary left field wall: one so tall, it’s wildly difficult to hit a ball over.


Imagine you’re near Fenway Park, Lansdowne Street on a summer night. As you approach the gigantic steel structure that supports the Green Monster, you hear a rhythm emanating from its bays. Not from a concert within the stadium, but from the actual wall. Then, you see that wall light up, and realize there are people in those bays, drumming on the beams like they’re instruments. A huge crowd is gathered under the night sky, looking up in amazement as images synced to the sounds are projected onto the Monster, bringing the legendary creature to life.

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